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 David Caton       



David Caton
David began the study of painting during his high school years in Houston, Texas. He later earned his BFA from the University of Houston and went on to complete his MFA graduate studies at Yale University.

Throughout these early years, he began to exhibit regularly and was also invited to be in group shows. He has since had numerous solo exhibitions, and his paintings are featured in corporate and private collections all over the country.

 He has received two National Endowments for the Arts and many other prestigious awards. He has also contributed photography to the digital oratorio Corpo, Carne e Espírito, which premiered at FIT Festival Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

David has a close affinity for the terrain of the west, especially that of Big Bend, Utah and Arizona. He travels to these areas regularly gathering plein air painting material for future paintings. He usually executes studies in oil or pastel before completing the larger canvases. His refined technique and love for depicting the grandeur and drama that exist in nature have generated works that are both monumental and compelling.

Santa Elena, Downstream, 48 x 60 $10,500..jpg (709519 bytes)
Santa Elena Downstream
48x60  oil on canvas

Upper Frio, 34 x 48 $6,500jpg.jpg (1315588 bytes)
Upper Frio
34x48  oil on canvas



Croton Peak from the East, 36 x 48  $8,000.-- .jpg (865938 bytes)

Croton Peak From the East
36x48 oil on canvas

Fresno Creek, 36 x 48 .$8,000pg.jpg (1377655 bytes)

Fresno Creek
36x 48 oil on canvas

Frio 36_x48_ $8,000.00.jpg (953966 bytes)

36x 48 oil on canvas

Rio Grande late afternoon 36x48  $8,000pg.jpg (980831 bytes)

Rio Grande, late afternoon
36x48oil on canvas


River Road, 40 x 60.j $9, (1215652 bytes)
River Road
40x60 oil on canvas





Boquillas Canyon Morning-2, 36 x 60 $9,000.jpg (696179 bytes)
Boquillas Canyon Morning 2
36x 60 oil on canvas

Frio West Prong 24x36 $4,000.jpg (862097 bytes)
Frio, West Prong
24x36  oil on canvas
Frio at Garner, 48 x 48 . $9500.jpg (939726 bytes)
Frio at Garner
48x48 oil on canvas

Hot Springs Canyon-1, 48 x 60. $12,000jpg.jpg (722931 bytes)t
Hot Springs Canyon
48x60  oil on canvas

Mission Concepcion, 36 x 48.j $8,500pg.jpg (6330341 bytes)
Mission Concepcion
36x 48 oil on canvas


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