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David Baker    more info

David Baker is a realist painter who has lived and worked in San Antonio since 1995. He paints a variety of figurative work ranging from portraiture to landscape and geological detail. He shows a concern for intimate detail combined with formal composition and a realist's eye for structure and surface.


White Horse48 x60.jpg (173840 bytes)
White Horse


Mary Baxter    more info

Mary Baxter moved to Marathon in 2002 and opened the Baxter Studio and Gallery in the old Shoemaker Hardware building, where she continues to make and sell her work. She uses a vintage Silver Streak trailer that allows her to live in more remote locations, where the smaller paintings are done ‘en plein air’ and the ideas and sketches are gathered for the large paintings that will be finished in the studio.

  Devils-River-Downstream-from-East-Bank48x40.jpg (346579 bytes)
Devils River Downstream from East Bank
48x40 oil on polyfiber
Sylvia Benitez   more info 

Sylvia Benitez is a nationally recognized artist—the recipient of many awards from numerous granting foundations: including a Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Individual Support Grant, two Pollock-Krasner Foundation Awards, an AICA (Association of International Critics of Art), two National Endowment for the Arts visiting artist fellowships, a Puffin Foundation Award, An Empire State Craft Award, two Sculpture Space Residencies, and two MacDowell Colony Fellowships. Benitez also has been a fellow, 1984-2001, at Yaddo, VCCA, Ucross Foundation, Vermont Studio Center, and Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic.
bay light 48 x 60 o_c.jpg (108239 bytes)
Bay Light
oil on canvas  48" x 60"

Caroline Korbell Carrington   more info 

"My Concern as an artist is to discover a personal vision through nature. The landscapes I paint are new and old places I have traveled that have a magical, sacred quality. The rugged beauty of the South West has captured my heart and senses like no other place. I feel that by painting the landscape I celebrate its awe inspiring beauty."
Floating Mesa, 22x30 oil on paper.jpg (151570 bytes)
Floating Mesa
22x30 oil on paper


David Caton    more info 

 David has a close affinity for the terrain of the west, especially that of Big Bend, Utah and Arizona. He travels to these areas regularly gathering plein air painting material for future paintings. He usually executes studies in oil or pastel before completing the larger canvases. His refined technique and love for depicting the grandeur and drama that exist in nature have generated works that are both monumental and compelling.
Mission Concepcion, 36 x 48.j $8,500pg.jpg (6330341 bytes)
Mission Concepcion
36x 48 oil on canvas

Ric Dentinger    more info 

Ric has been painting and illustrating professionally for over 20 years while successfully balancing a career as an art director and managing his own design shop.

Born in La Rochelle France, Ric was raised in a military family that moved throughout Europe, finally settling in San Antonio, Texas. Showing a love for art at an early age, painting and drawing has been a part of his life as long as he can remember.  Although talented in various mediums, Ric excels in watercolor. His love and passion for watercolor shows in his bold and confident approach.
9.jpg (403456 bytes)
29X41 watercolor

James H. Evans    more info 

James H. Evans is an American photographer. Currently based in Marathon, Texas, Evans' work focuses on documenting the West Texas area through subject, landscape, and portrait photography. Though Evans works all around the Big Bend area of Texas, he is best known for his work within Big Bend National Park.
Rain with Silver Ocotillos PS [Hunt].jpg (151691 bytes)
Rain with Silver Ocotillos

 Phillip John Evett   more info 

For Evett, His life-long pursuit of art is a creative process of self-discovery and realization. "I never begin a piece with a pre-conceived plan," he explains. "I feel I am doing my best work when I make something that surprises me."

Mangle wurzel, Mixed Woods, 18 x 20 x 10 $6,000.jpg (716740 bytes)
Mangle Wurzel
18x20x10 Mixed Wood


Melanie Fain    more info  

“I have always been drawn to nature - it is my livelihood, my recreation, my comfort, my home. It is who I am and what I know best. I hope you enjoy my art and find a connection that is meaningful to you.”

Night Watcher
etching, 11.5x 14
edition of 100

Malou Flato     more info  

"There are few Austin artists I admire more than Flato . . . . Flato overlaps pale smudges of color — like layered crepe paper — mirroring the play of light, the diaphanous quality of water and the thickness of greenery in western landscapes."
Michael Barnes
Austin American-Statesman.
Dogwood 60x72.jpg (325537 bytes)


Charles Field    more info  

"The immediacy of plein-air painting is exhilarating. I can see and feel the enormous sweep of nature with all elements in motion. In the studio, my approach is as direct as when I am working in the field. I have painted on the remote coasts of Ireland, Nova Scotia, the Pacific Northwest, as well as Tuscany, New Mexico, the Texas Hill Country and Gulf Coast. Many of my paintings might be called "skyscapes," as the infinite space and illumination of the sky are key to my compositions. I love to move paint and color in response to the challenge of natural form, space and light."

Blue Skies 2, 19.5 x 30, Oil on Paper.jpg (165771 bytes)
Blue Skies 2
19.5X30 oil on paper
Jorge Garza  more info 

"My work reflects the serendipitous circumstances that enable objects to present themselves to me for use in my assemblages/collages.  In my current work I am focusing on the universal language of numbers which allows the viewer to relate to time and events in both the past and the present.  My use of numbers, in their qualitative sense, evoking their distinguishing attributes, allows for symbolic interpretation."
Zer029 Series-7, Mixed Media, 10 x 10.jpg (277912 bytes)

Zer029 Series - 7

Mixed Media 10 x 10


Larry Graeber       more info

In the work of both my painting and sculpture, my effort is to emulate a fondness for nature, phenomena and convergences, as a means to discover orders and structures.




-Windy Point, 50 x 80, oil.jpg (1467684 bytes)
Windy Pointt
50 X 80




  Jan Heaton       more info

Jan’s watercolors offer a personal viewpoint that celebrates nature, and then abstractly reach beyond the obvious. Heaton’s watercolors are inspired by the structure, color, line and pattern of elements in nature that are often overlooked. Her work isolates details and exposes the viewer to an everyday object or place seen from a new perspective. She incorporates her background in calligraphy and graphic design to create sensuous and abstract organic forms.



151922 - artichoke 11 - 29.25 x 29.25 $3500.- Img7008.jpg (514275 bytes)
Artichoke 11
29 X 29

Carol Ivey    more info  

I like to take seemingly insignificant artifacts of life and celebrate them. Discarded objects and plant material ready for the compost pile as well as more expected still life objects are my subjects. Through arranging them in various relationships and sequences, I question the nature of brevity and permanence."

"My painting process relies on direct observation and natural light."


CIvey-Garlic.jpg (196482 bytes)
Garlic   26X17
oil on canvas
Kraig Kiedrowski     more info  

"I can divide my current landscapes into roughly two groups, the vistas and my “little building paintings” or “suburban scenes”. The vistas are about space and atmosphere. The suburban scenes are about intimacy and the beauty in the familiar.

An artist’s job is to convey a sense of the world that is unique and at the same time universal. If I can speak to that through an evening sky over a flooded field or sunlight on a paint peeled garage door I feel I have succeeded."



Gulls 22.5x30 Pastel and Watercolor $4800.jpg (218000 bytes)
Pastel and W.C. 22x30
J. Mark Kohler    more info 

Mark has spent the last 13 years traveling the American West from Texas to California and from Arizona to Montana. "Everywhere I've traveled, I've had the good fortune to meet hard-working, decent men and women who are following a life-style that is, at the same time, both noble and disappearing. It's my privilege to chronicle their struggle to keep the tradition of the West alive.
The-Big-44.jpg (250583 bytes)
The Big 44
Watercolor  9"X11"
Janet Eager Krueger  more info 

"Landscapes most clearly represent human passage. The artist says, “Here, look at this. I have seen this. I know this place.” When we contemplate the land before us, we impose upon it all the metaphoric weight of our wondering and our guilt; our ability to manipulate, or deny our impact, enchant and question our existence."


Monarch oil on canvas 60 x 84.jpg (131286 bytes)
Oil on canvas, 60x84
Zelime Matthews   more info  

"It’s all about color and contrast, line and design; it’s all about celebrating the infinite manifestation of our world: subtle transitions, acrimonious juxtapositions, positive and negative spaces, fluidity and stasis and; it’s about balance, walking the razors edge."
Stonework.jpg (43999 bytes)
Linda Morgan    more info  

"A moment in nature is my usual inspiration for a painting. Everything in nature is in a constant state of change. Whether the variations are dramatic or subtle, there are evolutions every year, every day - every moment. I can't capture all of them, but hopefully, at the end of the day, a few of them will become pieces of art and will be memorable in some small way."
succulents 6.jpg (143488 bytes)
Succulents #6
Acrylic on canvas 36x48
Matt Morris    more info

Matt Morris is a partner with nationally acclaimed Lake/Flato Architects in San Antonio. He was made a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects in 2006 for his design and artistic sensibilities. While crafting a career in design as an architect he was busy studying the built and natural environment on paper and canvas as an artist. It is impossible to separate art from architecture so Matt blends his analytic rigor as an architect with the fluid expressive nature as an artist. The results are an expressive landscape presentation like no one else.



Craziness_in_Bolivia_oc-60x72 .jpg (678036 bytes)
Craziness in Bolivia
oil on canvas  60"x72"

Lorraine Shirkus    more info

Since switching from a more abstract style to a representational one, my goal has been to work from observation in a non-literal way. My focus is on capturing the essence or feeling of a subject through painterly strokes and unexpected color rather than achieving a faithful portrayal. It’s gratifying  to watch a painting evolve and take on a life of its own.

Patchwork City, Oil on canvas, 22 x 30.jpg (829336 bytes)
Patchwork City
oil on canvas  22" x 30"
Doug Sweet     more info

"This work represents a visual interpretation of the effects of light on a variety of subject matter.  Experimentation with the direction applied on these subjects has created an avenue of expression which explores the aesthetic relationship between painting, music and poet

Acrylic on canvas, 42 x 58
Jane Wells    more info  

I enjoy what strong, natural light does when it illuminates objects. -- Jane Wells

"I am a painter. I see everything in terms of what it would look like as an oil painting. When something brightly lit catches my eye, I sketch the shapes I see, record the colors and take a photograph. In my studio, I lay in large areas of color, pushing the oil paint back and forth, manipulating it into a balanced composition."



  _Turquoise Tank_ 36 x 36, oil on canvas, $3000 .jpg (244063 bytes)
Tuquoise Tank
Oil on canvas, 36 x 36