Sarah Benson


Sarah Benson
I have been involved with art in one way or another all my life, beginning with drawing and painting paper dolls and their dresses, designing and making my own clothes, editing and drawing theme designs for my high school yearbook, and finally majoring in Fine Arts with a painting concentration at University of Texas at San Antonio and a second degree in Interior Design at University of the Incarnate Word.

While providing graphic designs for menus and advertisements, floor plans and paint schedules for our Riverwalk restaurants, I would unwind and refresh with the freedom of painting my own compositions on canvas. It was some years before I could have the luxury of being just a painter. My subject matter has woven from representational to abstract and non-objective images. I still like the push-pull of objective/non-objective images in the same composition. I’m the only one who knows what the relationships represent, and sometimes I don’t know what they represent….instinct, memory, a sense of order or disorder, the interplay of colors, and the search for that perfect and illusive image. It is a continuous, magnificent obsession.

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