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 Caroline K. Carrington       



An awareness of man’s relationship with nature is a constant theme in my work. I grew up in the Texas hill country where my creative spirit was nurtured and I was given the space to imagine and create. The rugged beauty of the Southwest has captured my heart and senses like no other place in the world. The enchantment of the landscape has motivated every aspect of my life. The landscapes I paint are new and old places that have a magical, sacred quality. I want to share this quality with others.

My concern as an artist is to discover a personal vision through nature. My dialogue with nature creates excitement and energy that comes to life on the canvas. Color transports my energy in life. I thrive on color! Color motivates each brush stroke. My body of work has become a personal narrative of my life, not only my visual experiences, but my state of mind. As I grow as an artist, the process of creating has become a spiritual necessity. What began as aesthetic enjoyment has developed into a deeper sense of self discovery.

Someone once told me “A day without creating is a day wasted”. I continue to follow this passion and am enjoying my life to the fullest.

Texas El Popurr.jpg (117867 bytes)

Texas el Popurri
20x48 mixed media


Standing Cactus 48x18 oil on canvas.jpg (120463 bytes)

Standing Cactus

48x18 oil on canvas






Agave Tapestry II , 30 x 20, mixes media.jpg (328006 bytes)

Agave Tapestry
30x20 mixed media


Serape Bloom II 17x17 mixed media.jpg (387400 bytes)

Serape Bloom II

17x17 pastel


Suset Sketch.jpg (175170 bytes)

Tesuque Sunset
18x16 oil on canvas




Agave with red  26x30 oil on canvas.jpg (178906 bytes)
Agave with Red
26x30 oil on canvas

Blue Cactus II,11x11pastel.jpg (271618 bytes)

Red Cactus

11x11 pastel

cactus,18x24 pastel.jpg (196967 bytes)

18x24 pastel

La Fonda Agave 48x48 oil on canvas.jpg (380384 bytes)
La Fonda Agave
x48 oil on paper


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