Custom Framing & Other Art Services in San Antonio, TX

More than just being a resource to view and collect fine Southwestern art, Hunt Gallery is also a provider of framing services for custom wall art. If you own a piece of original art that needs to be properly framed or want an existing frame replaced in lieu of something more fitting, allow us to assist you! We provide a wide selection of custom frames in San Antonio, Bexar county, Balcones Heights, Terrell Hills, and Alamo Heights, TX.

Custom Framing

Custom Frames

When you choose Hunt Gallery for custom framing, you’re making a choice for unparalleled expertise and professionalism. We take pride in every single framing job we do and strive to produce results that are of the highest caliber. Expect museum-quality framing from us, with immaculate attention to detail and precision quality. We also ship worldwide and welcome your framing projects, no matter where you’re located.In addition to new framing, we also have the ability to provide repair services for existing framing—even high-end frames. Our team will remediate damages to classic frames to help restore their integrity and value, so you can once again enjoy your piece of fine art.

Art Preservation

When under-maintained or improperly cared for, art can succumb to the elements. We’re experts in art preservation, employing proven techniques to help reverse the damage of your piece and restore it to excellent condition. Contact us today if you have art that’s damaged or lackluster and we’ll consult with you to discuss options for remedying it.


Looking to purchase custom wall art for a private gallery or commercial customer? We provide consulting services for this specific reason! Specializing in American Southwest art, we can provide access to our gallery of artwork for sale and network of cultivated artists to ensure you’re getting the pieces you or your client demands. We’re also able to provide appraisals for artwork that falls within our scope of expertise.

For more information about framing, preservation or consulting services, please contact us today at 210-822-6527.