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 James H. Evans       




Evans has dedicated his life and work to documenting the Big Bend Area. His work encompasses traditional landscapes, night-scapes, portraits of the unique inhabitants of the area, and defining subject matter. In 2003, Big Bend Pictures, Evans' first book, was published; the book sparked more interest in Evans' work, allowing him to publish his second book, Crazy from the Heat, in 2011.



Chisos Panoramic.jpg (67935 bytes)
Chisos Panoramic - 14x60



Shot Tower [Hunt].jpg (120235 bytes)

Shot Tower - 20x30


April Sunday [Hunt].jpg (53312 bytes)

April Sunday - 13x48


June Storm Marathon PS [Hunt]_1.jpg (85509 bytes)

June Storm Marathon - 20x30



Rosillos Mountains [Hunt]_1.jpg (45229 bytes)
Rosillos Mountains - 15x48


Sunset That Saved Our Lives PS [Hunt]_1.jpg (134210 bytes)

Sunset that Saved Our Lives - 20x20



Hailstorm PS [Hunt]_1.jpg (113020 bytes)
Hailstorm - 30x40



Christmas Day From The Air [Hunt]_1.jpg (101060 bytes)
Christmas Day from the Air -20x20


Ocotillos[Hunt].jpg (137015 bytes)

Red Ocotillos - 17x26


Dancing Feet [Hunt]_1.jpg (117620 bytes)
Dancing Feet - 30x30


Cactus In Bloom [Hunt]_1.jpg (169315 bytes)

Cactus in Bloom 20x30















South Rim with Agave.jpg (172097 bytes)
South Rim with Agave - 20x21

Santa Elena Canyon [Hunt].jpg (236951 bytes)
Santa Elena Canyon - 20x21

Cattail Falls [Hunt] .jpg (353243 bytes)
Cattail Falls - 20x20

Hallie and Dadie [Hunt].jpg (225109 bytes)
Hallie and Dadie - 20x21

Prickly Pear [Hunt]_1.jpg (125502 bytes)
Prickly Pear 20x30

Ocotillo and Dark [Hunt].jpg (236489 bytes)
Ocotillo and Dark Sky - 17x17




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