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 Kraig Kiedrowski       



Self Portrait in Paint Shirt 20x16 Oil on Linen $2000.jpg (212882 bytes)Kraig Kiedrowski is a versatile artist who enjoys working with various drawing media and experimenting with printmaking. While primarily an oil painter, pastels and pastels combined with other media such as watercolor and acrylic are increasingly becoming an important part of his artistic output. Kraig believes exploring various methods and materials piques an artistís curiosity and keeps a freshness to the work.                    
Kraig studied painting and drawing at the Art Students League in New York, Leighton Studios in San Francisco, Montana State University at Billings and printmaking at the Southwest School of Arts and Crafts in San Antonio.

A winner of several awards his work appears in many collections in the US and abroad. Kraig participates in several group shows each year including The Maynard Dixon Country Show in Southern Utah.

The Hunt Gallery in San Antonio, Texas, Austin Street Gallery in Rockport, Texas and the Bingham Gallery in Mount Carmel, Utah represent his work on a regular basis.

Kraig conducts workshops and classes in landscape painting, figure drawing, pastels and methods and materials of painting on a regular basis in South Texas and other locations throughout the country.


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Red Mesa 10x17 Pastel $1800.jpg (283930 bytes)
Red Mesa
Pastel 10x17


Rockport Walkup 9x12 Oil on Linen $1200.jpg (293118 bytes)

Rockport Walkup
Oil on Linen 9x12


South Padre Light 7x11 Pastel $850.jpg (185444 bytes)

South Padre Light
Pastel 7x11


The Appaloosa 25x19 Pastel $3500.jpg (225626 bytes)

The Appaloosa
Pastel 25x19





Down Valley 14x11 Pastel $1700.jpg (301689 bytes)
Down Valley
Pastel 14x11

09er in Ottine 10x12 Oil on Panel $1200.jpg (231653 bytes)
09er in Ondine

Oil on Panel 10x12

Coming Home 10x14 Oil on Board $1400.jpg (178752 bytes)

Coming Home
Oil on Board  10x14

In from the Gulf 12x16 Pastel $1700.jpg (187479 bytes)
In the Gulf
Pastel 12x16

Morning Swim 22x32 Pastel and Watercolor $4800.jpg (205735 bytes)
Morning Swim
Pastel & W.C. 22x32

Rattlesnake Season 9x12 Oil on Board $1200.jpg (222256 bytes)
Rattlesnake Season
Oil on Board 9x12


The Day after Christmas 10X12 Oil on Panel $1200.jpg (210788 bytes)

The Day After Christmas
Oil on Board 10x12


Twin Sisters 9x11 Pastel $850.jpg (225818 bytes)

Twin Sisters
Pastel 9x11


Whiterock and Mesa 12x16 Pastel $1800.jpg (287138 bytes)

White Rock and Mesa
Pastel 12x16


Bloom 21x29 Pastel and Watercolor $4800.jpg (290546 bytes)
Pastel & W.C. 21x29

Bigwheel 9x12 Oil on Canvas $1200.jpg (291712 bytes)
Oil on Canvas  9x12

Busy Day at the Beach 10x14  oil on Panel $1400.jpg (190778 bytes)
Busy Day at the Beach
Oil on Panel 10x14

The Road In 36x30 Oil on Canvas $6400.jpg (276084 bytes)
The Road In
Oil on canvas 36x30

Manowar 7x10 Oil on Canvas $1050.jpg (295128 bytes)
Oil on Canvas 7x10

Oasis 12x16 Pastel $1800.jpg (271097 bytes)
Pastel 12x16

Swish 19x25 Pastel $3500.jpg (284332 bytes)
Pastel 19x25

Testing the Waters 6x8 Oil on Linen $850.jpg (200356 bytes)

Testing the Water
Oil on Linen 6x8


Watching for Speeders 12x16 Oil on Board $1500.jpg (290317 bytes)

Watching for Speeders
Oil on Board 12x16