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"Itís all about color and contrast, line and design; itís all about celebrating the infinite manifestation of our world: subtle transitions, acrimonious juxtapositions, positive and negative spaces, fluidity and stasis and; itís about balance, walking the razors edge."

Zelime graduated with a degree in art history from Hollins University.  She attributes her eclectic art to countless hours spent in museums, cathedrals and countrysides. Her first employer, friend and mentor, Janet Shook, noted San Antonio watercolorist and needlepoint designer, gave Zelime her knowledge and experience and the confidence to embark on any art project from easel painting to the design of a 23 foot needlepoint tapestry at the southwest school of art and craft to the execution of a 76 square foot ceramic table.  Although born with a spirit of adventure Zelime is an 11th generation San Antonian. She lives with her husband, 2 dogs, a studio cat and visiting raccoons.  Next to a sunrise or to a blank canvas, her family and many friends are her greatest joy.





Banana Blossom.jpg (115031 bytes)
Banana Blossom

Blue Bather.jpg (76336 bytes)
Blue Bather

Cochina, Sunflowers and Coconut.jpg (162991 bytes)
Cochina Sunflowers and Coconut


Peggy's Gazelle.jpg (135188 bytes)
Peggy's Gazelle


Poppies, Sunflowers, Pinecone and Pina.jpg (148751 bytes)

Poppies Sunflowers Pinecone and Pina




Bather Insouciant.jpg (43917 bytes)
Bather Insouciant

Chamiso with Salt Cedar.jpg (106259 bytes)
Chamiso with Salt Cedar

New Mexico Mullein.jpg (103538 bytes)
New Mexico Mullein

Protea de Colores.jpg (69195 bytes)
Protea de Colores


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