Janet Eager Krueger



Time passes and we watch and marvel. The peoples of the world, rich and poor, stagger before mighty oceanic waves crashing relentlessly on suddenly fragile shores. Populations shift in response. Unprecedented heat drains water resources, and fires scorch swathes of range land, forests, and homes.

Time continues as ever, but now the patterns are unfamiliar. The old rhythms of the seasons are forsaken. We laugh and say nervously to our friends and to ourselves “What’s up with this crazy weather?!” When we really know the answer.

Still, the planet is awesome in its response to the assault we press upon it. The world IS awesome and all the life upon it is as well.

Like the car wreck on the highway or the blazing building down the street, we can barely take our eyes away. At the same time, we can barely look at the breathtaking, extraordinary, astonishing beauty that surrounds us on this world we’ve made.

It is with a fearful joy that I document this tiny, tiny patch of earth on which I live and breathe. I can barely look, but even so I see.


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