The Garza Brothers

For as long as we can remember, making art, photography, playing guitar and singing, and writing songs was the norm in our home growing up. Our parents encouraged my younger brothers and I to create. They took us to museums, bought us art materials, and displayed our artwork in our home. My father built us a small art studio in a corner of our garage.We continued to create art into our teens and adulthood. Over the years our work evolved with each pursuing his own specific direction, developing his particular style, and focusing on media, technique, and subject matter that we each found interesting.

We have always supported one another and offered constructive criticism. Having shown individually in many galleries over the years, this will be the first time since the 1970’s that we have had an exhibit together in the same gallery.


Jorge Garza

For this exhibit I’m presenting recent works from three continuing series.

The skies and landscape near my family’s ranch in the San Martin Hills inspire me. I paint in oil to capture the serene openness and quiet of the area. Working in plein aire first I then use these studies to produce finished works in the studio.

Working with numbers, text, and words as subject matter, I use ephemera, vintage papers and found objects with other media to create collages and assemblages. I strive to connect the viewer to a personal experience, place or time. This in turn evokes their distinguishing attributes allowing for symbolic interpretation. In unearthing past and present memories in my compositions I hope the viewer can discover part of themselves in the work.

The vibrant colors of the Oaxacan textiles and landscape are captured in my milagro painting/assemblages. The use of repeating lines, as well as biomorphic and geometric shapes, are derived from the designs carved into the surfaces of the temples at Oaxacan archeological sites. Heart milagros in my compositions symbolize the passion of the region’s Zapotec culture.


Mario Garza

As a visual artist, I strive to produce paintings that evoke a sense of being and an awareness of the life that surrounds us. I provide a realistic to abstract glimpse of life that is filled with our existence, movement using a bright and bold color pallet. My desire is to paint these images and ideas by using a variety of mediums in a representational, contemporary, modern and abstract style. My love for art flourished at an early age and at 18, I surjourned to Europe to live and work. This period in my life allowed me to be exposed to different cultures and artistic ideas that influence me and my art today. my paintings are my personal interpretations of life, emotion and energy. My desire is to create reverberant, deep-toned, luminous paintings that utilize color, light and balance that are an expression and ignite the imagination.


Rolando Garza

Although I’ve always worked representationally, primarily using the landscape as subject matter, I’ve recently been exploring non-representational compositions. Design, architecture, and nature influence my work. I apply a variety of media and techniques in all my paintings.

Considering trees as portraits, I’m aware of their shape, size, color, and individual characteristics. Inspired by the Texas Hill Country and other places I’ve visited, I place the tree portraits in a setting of my imagination.

My exploration of non-representational painting is a desire to create a more expressive composition. Building up texture, and becoming more aware of color, value and contrast have led to more spontaneous outcomes.


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